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We're on a mission to make philanthropy bigger.

In the SF Bay Area today, across the world tomorrow.



At Tinbox, we believe that helping the causes important to you should be so simple that you can do it every day.

This is why Adrien & David started Tinbox while at university in England. Joined by Samuel Koch in June 2014 and Lucas Lebrun later that year, the team launched their Beta in April 2015, and joined Tumml’s Accelerator program in San Francisco that summer.

With the help of Francois and Miguel, who joined the company in the summer of 2015, Tinbox launched publicly on the App Store and Google Play in March 2016.

Together, we're bringing together people, companies and charities to make communities better, one tap at a time. 




Tinbox launches in the SF Bay Area

Tinbox is a mobile app that allows users to give a free $1 to a charity every day. Every $1 is sponsored by a company, making it completely free for people to support great causes. Tinbox was co-founded by Adrien Guilmineau, David Linderman & Sam Koch in Paris.

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